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Best Fall Foods For Teeth

It is fall, which means tasty treats, costume contests and warmer cloths. But there is more to fall than meets the eye. Many autumn food flavors are great for your health. But some fresh finds are better for you than others. This fall, pick your plate pallet wisely, for a little ump to your smile try adding these fall power foods for your teeth, that actually help improve your oral health.

Eat More Greek Yogurt

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to retire your favorite treat. Greek yogurt is a must eat for fall time. Indulging yogurt is a great way to get more protein in your diet. A serving of greek yogurt with berries has more power packed in a spoonful than a slab of meat. Plus yogurt is loaded with calcium, which helps build strong bones and teeth. Your teeth can actually get a boost of energy when you consume yogurt on a daily bases. Yogurt has minerals, antibiotics, and natural ingredients that help fight bad bacteria, which is good for fighting cavities and tooth decay.

Go Bananas

You don’t have to go on a tropical vacation to enjoy bananas in the fall time. We go bananas for more bananas. Bananas can be added to almost any meal, add some to your morning oatmeal, put them on your salad at lunch or whip up into a juice smoothie in the afternoon. They are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals, plus fiber and potassium. Did you know that using the banana peels after you eat the scrumptious bananas can actual whiten your teeth. A more natural way of brightening your smile is to use a banana peel. Just take a piece of the inside of the peel and rub it around in a circular motion on your teeth for at least 2 minutes. The minerals found in the peel like potassium and magnesium will absorb into your teeth and will over time whiten them.

Add Apples

Apples are under rated most of the year, but in the fall they pop up into everything. Add them to your morning meal, lunch or dinner for an added bonus to your smile. Apples are great for your smile because they act as a toothbrush brushing away food particles away from your teeth. They are rich in fiber and calcium which helps build strong bones.

Super Squash

Pumpkins are perfect for a fall time treat. Squash and pumpkins are one of the best foods for your smile because they digest easily and have lots of powerful ingredients to help fight cavities. Dr. Teasdale, a Portland OR Dentist, suggests adding pumpkin into your meals to help improve your smile.

There is a high percentage of magnesium found in pumpkin and squash. Magnesium is known to help improve bones and teeth density. Magnesium also helps your heart by helping stabilize the rhythm of your heart and prevents abnormal blood clotting.

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