Valentine’s Day : For The Love of Chocolate Face Masks


Love of ChocolateLove of Chocolate

Heather Vuchinich, Editor, Spaliciously

Chocolate not only tastes good, it also has the ability to soothe and heal your skin. Healthy fats from cocoa butter nourish, moisturize and soothe inflammation, while the cocoa bean itself contains polyphenols, a source of anti-oxidants.

Try these two deliciously rich chocolate masks:

Chocolate Rose Mask for oily skin or large pores
1cup raw or dark chocolate powder
1 egg white
1tbl (or to desired consistency)Rose water (or purified water)
3 drops of Rose essential oil (optional)

Mix mask, apply to face and neck, relax until egg whites dry and mask tightens, rinse and spritz with rose water.

Chocolate and cream mask for dry skin
1cup raw or dark chocolate powder
2tbl honey
3tbl cream
1tbl (or more to desired consistency)orange flower water or purified water

Mix mask, apply and let sit for about 15 minutes, rinse and follow with moisturizer or a spritz of orange flower water.

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