Vote KNOW On GMO – KNOW What You Eat, Where It Came From + How It Was Grown



In several states, voters have the opportunity to vote on GMO regulation.

Whether or not your state is being tested for GMO, knowing what you eat, where it came from, and how it was grown has more of an impact on your health and the health of the planet then you may think.

Whole Foods, one of the leading natural foods stores in the country, launched a new system for helping guide consumers toward making better decisions for their bodies and the planet.

The intention behind the new rating system is to empower shoppers when making purchasing decisions. Coupled with their existing ranking systems for meat and seafood, Whole Foods is making a big statement.

The new Responsibly Grown System was developed by Whole Foods not a government organization. The Whole Foods chain states that its “responsibly grown” system is for produce and flowers and will prohibit the use of several common pesticides; in addition, the rankings will take into account environmental factors including water and energy use.

By creating this ranking system it allows consumers who may not be able to afford 100 percent organic the ability to look for products that while not organic, are still free of certain pesticides.

According to Whole Foods, here are what the three new labels mean:

  • Good: A farm must take 16 steps to protect air, water, soil and human health (yours and the workers who grow your food), in order to earn a Good rating. This also means that imports will be free of pesticides that are currently banned for use in the U.S.
  • Better: A grower must show advanced performance in the rating system. (Image below.)
  • Best: A grower must show a strong commitment and performance in such categories as pest management, farm worker welfare, water conservation and protection, soil health, biodiversity, waste reduction, and energy use. This designation means that to truly be the BEST there is, you can’t just concern yourself with chemicals. You also have to look at total impact on the earth and its inhabitants.



Melissa, Editorial Director

Melissa B. Williams is a freelance writer and editor based in Louisville, Colorado. She previously served as the Editorial Director for Healing Lifestyles & Spas for 10 years and remains a frequent contributor.

With her love of health and writing, Melissa has written for such publications as Shape, Natural Solutions, Yoga Journal, Self and Pilates Style, and has created recipes and food-oriented stories for such publications as Delicious Living and Cooking Light.
Melissa, Editorial Director

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