Don’t Fight It: Why its Better to Stay Open in Times of Resistance


In a group text to myself, one of my sisters and my mom, my little sister said, “Doesn’t this look like fun?” She was sitting at the airport with her toddler, stranded, waiting for her flight.  She sent a snapshot of the string of texts from the airline, each one delaying her flight to New York, where our little brother would be celebrating his marriage the next day. Managing her super active, incessantly curious 4-year-old and all of their traveling stuff as well, my baby sister was stranded at the Cleveland airport.

“Are you guys okay? How’s the boy?” my other sister inquired.

“We’re good; just strolling and rolling. I have no idea what they are going to looks like they might send us to Newark or maybe we will just end up here in Cleveland for another night. I guess time will tell.”

Time did tell. It turned out the airline wasn’t sending them to Newark like she had thought, nor were they going to stay the night in Cleveland, which would have been the easiest solution for my sister, because she had family there…No. They were being put on a plane to Washington DC, where they were to spend the night, and then the next morning they would board a plane to finally get them to New York. Washington DC?? It was so random. So inconvenient.

This would have caused a lot of turmoil for most people: feelings of frustration, indignation, maybe even anger and rage. I’ve seen posts on social media from people undergoing similar events, where they curse out the airline, talk about disruption, aggravation and the absolute cumbersomeness of it all, and spend the entire night moaning and steaming about how this horrible thing happened to them.

But not my sister. She had been meditating a lot and doing a ton of work on herself. The arena from which her head was currently operating called her to remain present, be open to what is, and know there was a greater purpose for everything. She was awake and aware, and from this space, she could find peace, even during these stressful, unexpected and unpredictable moments. Instead of fighting and resisting what was happening, she sat in the flow and let the next moments unfold. Deep down, she knew she was ultimately safe and everything would be okay, and so she watched with curiosity and waited for what was coming next.

And no one could have predicted what was coming next. My little sister discovered that her good friend’s dad had died that day.

That good friend lived in Washington DC.

My little sister was granted the opportunity to show up for her friend and be there in her time of grief, like a magical genie, and the next day she could still get to New York and not miss a beat with our family’s celebration. She could not have orchestrated these events to occur this way even if she had known about it and tried.

Life doesn’t always go the way we plan. This does not mean that universal intelligence has somehow failed us; it’s not wrong, senseless nor shortsighted. In fact, when things aren’t going according to our constructed blueprints, we should get excited! Something far bigger, much greater, and incredibly wiser is taking the wheel and guiding us to our very best possibilities, things we hadn’t even conceived. With that kind of power in control, magic always follows. Even if in the moment there is discomfort, pain and distress, if we stay open, awake and aware, we can receive the gift that is trying to be presented to us.

However, if we resist, combat or try to take the wheel back, we could completely miss our fortuitous inheritances! My sister could have tried to cause a ruckus with the airline and get “her way”, in which case she would have possibly spent the night again in Cleveland, or Newark.  Another option available to her was to sit in her hotel room in Washington DC and rail publicly against the airline on social media. A huge pity party could have ensued, and who would blame her? We would all chime in our support against this unanticipated disruption.

Instead, blessing upon blessing was showered upon not only my sister but also her friend and our entire family. Having received these magical gifts filled up my sister’s soul, and that expanded her, which then made her show up in everything that followed differently. She was peaceful, serene and happy when she just as easily could have been disgruntled, agitated and upset. Like a rock being tossed into a pond, the effects of her mood rippled outward, affecting every person she came in contact with, which then changed their whole trajectories, which then affected the people they come in contact with, and so on and so on…

I am so grateful to my sister for teaching me this lesson. As I reflect back on my life, I realize that I am incredibly lucky that every single time my ideas about what “should” have happened didn’t come to fruition. Life had much better things in store for me, things I never even dreamed. Realizing this coupled with witnessing my sister navigate through these waters in real time has really instilled in me the powerful, unshakable belief that when things aren’t going my way, I will get excited, stay open, and get ready to receive all of the abundant good the universe has for me! I hope by sharing this story you experience the same… I hope you can rest in the secure knowing that you are so loved and cherished and that your every need will be met, sometimes in brilliant, magical ways, if you only stay open!

Rebecca Marie

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