‘Conscious Creation’ – Creating the Life You Envision


“Babe! Do you remember how just last year we were driving to school, talking about the upcoming auditions for Fame, and you were soooo nervous to audition because you really loved that show and you wanted a part so badly?” I tossed a glance over to my daughter, who was sitting in the passenger seat, playing with the ties on her overstuffed backpack.

“Yesss….” she eyed me wearily.

“Wasn’t it so amazing how you took a deep breath and somehow found all of this crazy confidence and amazing energy inside of you and you just absolutely killed it in the audition?”

Despite the early hour and the fact that we were on our way to school, her blue eyes lit up with delight. “Yes! I do! I remember!! Doing the reading part was so easy, and I totally nailed my song! I even hit the hard notes!”

“I know, right? I wish I could have been there with you! I heard it was such an amazing audition, and that you knocked everyone’s socks off! But in the end it was okay cuz I got to see you IN THE SHOW! You got the part!!! And the show was a raving success! Everyone came to see you perform…no one wanted to miss your first big show!!”

My baby giggled. “Yes! It was so much fun! I really loved it, and it showed me how much I really love acting and that I’m actually kinda good at it!”

I raised my eyebrow at her. “What was the name of the part you got?”

“I think I could get Serena.”

Hmmm…I ran a quick scan over her face. “Is that the part you really want?”

Uncomfortably, she shifted in her seat. “Well…I really wanna be Carmen. But I am pretty sure I can get Serena.”

“Oh yes…. I remember that, honey. It must have slipped my mind, but yes, I remember how you were thinking you would play it safe and go for Serena, but in the end, you took a gigantic leap and got CARMEN! You were kinda shocked, but you totally got Carmen and you absolutely crushed it on stage, every performance! You even got standing ovations!”

My teenager became ecstatic. “Yeah!! I surprised my teachers, my classmates and myself, but I DID IT!! And I rocked that role!!!”

“You certainly did, babe!!!” High-fives flew around our front seats as my daughter exited the car and headed towards the campus. “Have a great day, Carmen!”

Conscious creation. It is sooooo fun to do! And according to new findings in quantum physics energy psychology, it works. It has to do with waves and particles and energy and mass, and the concepts aren’t that hard to follow, especially if you give A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi a read. I won’t excite you with all of the “why” details here, but I do want to share the very easy ways you can make your dreams manifest.

In the movie The Secret, they brushed upon these ideas, lightly skimming the surface by recommending people do such things as say affirmations, make vision boards, and stay positive to help make their dreams a reality. Right after that movie came out, it was hard to find poster board at the local retailers for a hot minute. It seemed like everyone was snapping it all up to create their new worlds.

But something fell short. People painstakingly constructed the loveliest, most extravagant vision boards in the history of vision boards, and yet not all were seeing their dreams realized. What gives?

What was missing was the most powerful tool in our creation arsenal…EMOTION. Quantum physics and energy psychology both point to the small detail that is sadly lacking in most vision boards. You need to FEEL the EXCITEMENT of your dream becoming manifest! You need to live in the space of it happening before you will experience it happening.

The little exercise my daughter and I were doing in the car provided just that. We learned it from Kyle Cease and Mike Dooley (on different occasions). Kyle calls it a Kylego, an exercise in which you speak of the future in the past tense. You go on and on about your dream, adding to the details and expanding your vision, feeling and living in the excitement, joy and gratitude of creating what you wanted. In his program Playing the Matrix, Mike Dooley simply calls it pretending and has encouraged people to have entire dinner parties where all the guests agree beforehand to be actively living their dreams for the evening, while speaking of their future in the past tense.

The first few minutes of doing this can be a little hard, and you might feel stuck, but if you keep going, it blossoms and blooms and expands to places you weren’t even aware you had wanted to go!

Another means of conscious creation can be done all by yourself. In fact, Mike Dooley recommends that you do this every day for 5-10 minutes, where you use a timer and actively visualize what you want for that day, imagining every conceivable detail using all five of your senses. When you’re ready to wrap it up, take one more full minute and go absolutely crazy! Get your whole body involved: yell, scream, dance, jump, cheer, clap, …whatever. This changes your physiology, and sends out a tidal wave of energy out into the world. By law, this energy has to come rushing back into your life as people, players, circumstances and events. Tony Robbins also talks about the importance of “state changes” and keeping your physiology up and excited, and this is exactly why.

For the quiet times when you can’t jump and shout and you don’t have another person to play with, another option is to sit down and write a letter. Write this letter to an old friend. Tell them about all of your “recent” successes (as if they already happened). Include every happy detail. Then, write out why it was so easy to achieve your dream this time, how effortless it was, how all of these crazy things converged out of thin air. Finally, tell them what you will be doing during the “next” year of your amazing life.

The more you can keep your head immersed in this “new life” you are creating, the faster you will experience it. Prepare the way for it to come to you! If you are looking to downsize into a smaller home, for example, start getting rid of stuff around the house that you won’t be needing once you move to your new place. If you are looking to find love in an amazing relationship, start treating yourself exactly how you would love to be treated by the person of your dreams. Ask yourself how your day was, and celebrate any cool things that happened, and if you had a bad day, take extra good care of yourself and be extra kind and gentle. (Once you find your partner, keep doing this anyway! It’s so good for you!)

Although I have called them “exercises” here, all of these things do not truly feel taxing at all. If anything, they are totally fun and they lighten the load of life. So even if everything doesn’t turn out exactly as you planned, you won’t even care because you will have had so much pleasure living in the “world” that you created. Tony Robbins said it best when he said that you have the same amount of creative energy available to you…you can use it to get lost in fear, stress and anxiety or you could use it to laugh, enjoy and be happy. Same energy. Totally different outcome.

The best part about using conscious creation is that you stay mindful. You become actively awake and aware of life around you, because you are vibrantly alive instead of defaulting to your old, subconscious programming.

For three weeks, I walked around calling my daughter Carmen. We played our games on the way to school a lot. We talked about it over dinner, at breakfast. We had a total blast and just that alone brought us so much joy.

And guess who was Carmen, her freshman year of high school?

Rebecca Marie

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