The Home Away From Home at The Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa


There’s a special place cuddled up nicely to Lake Washington, in the quaint town of Kirkland. One of the Pacific Northwest’s greatest gems, it truly is a welcoming home away from home.

Welcome to the Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa.

A classic sophisticated but laid-back hotel. Nods to nautical décor with classic charm. Upon arrival I am greeted with a big grin from “Big Daddy.” He is pleasant, and, it seems, a staple to the front desk as he graciously welcomes guests into the lobby. He beams brightly as he hands me a glass of champagne; I sip a glass of Michelle Brut from Chateau Ste. Michelle. I eat a delightful serving of today’s local favorite, a specialty chocolate, a hand-crafted truffle from Seattle Chocolates. My palate is thankful for the sweet and salty treat.

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I’m escorted to my lakeview room on the third floor. There are 100 guest rooms and 22 guest suites. I open my door to be greeted with the fresh Pacific Northwest breeze brushing across my cheek. I follow the flow to the expansive open window and see a breathtaking view of Lake Washington. Kayakers below, a sea plane above, power walkers along the shore, and a wedding in the courtyard. A large white tent overlooks the lake; I hear a soft violin welcoming guests to the wedding. It is a good soundtrack to my arrival. The couple says, “I do,” which pretty much sums up my experience so far at the Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa: “Nothing but Love.”

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After settling in I head to Still Spa on the first floor. The spa is welcoming; an electric-blue wall welcomes me, balanced nicely with espresso walls. There is an aroma of berries and fresh mint from the tea just poured. As soon as I enter the spa my stress melts away. It is an essential blend of Northwest philosophy, laid-back in nature but luxurious in its own relaxed right.

Chocolate-covered strawberries welcome the guest with an assortment of nuts and teas. I start with the add-on service “a little more love for your hands or feet. Fifteen minutes of pure bliss for my feet and fingers.” Warm towels are placed on my hands as my feet soak in warm bubble water, both massaged tenderly as I am experiencing true luxury. The Jindilli oil is refreshing and smooth.

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After my mini treatment I head into my room for the Mt. Rainier Stone Revival. The deeply heated stones vaporize the essential oils of rosemary, ginger, cypress, and geranium, creating a relaxing and grounding effect while increasing my circulation and loosening my muscles and joints. It includes a back scrub with Jindilli. Perhaps my favorite part is the ending, a gentle face massage using cool stones. An excellent balance to the hot stones—my body is refreshed, relaxed, and calm. I am ready to face the world with my new balanced energy.

The Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa is perfectly placed just outside of Seattle for a great weekend away. Guests can enjoy the Pacific Northwest wine region; world-class museums, such as my favorite, the Chihuly Glass Exhibition; or simply spend the day strolling along the lake. I opt for going into downtown Kirkland. I enjoy the fabulous boutiques; one particularly inspired me the most: Purpose.

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They believe “how you shop can change a life.” The entire store has become a philanthropic effort to help those in need across the world. They donate 1 percent of their sales to fight sex trafficking around the world and fund life-changing surgeries for women with fistula.

When you shop with Purpose, you are making a direct impact in women’s lives and hearts worldwide. Plus their partners holistically meet these artisans’ needs by providing dignified work, healthcare, counseling, community, education, and training to equip them to achieve their dreams. I buy a pair of black earrings made by Gabby; because of my purchase she is a first-generation woman to go to higher education school. I feel good about my investment; after all I have cute studs to carry along my journey.

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After shopping I make my way across the street to Zoka Coffee. I order the lavender mocha, a local favorite. Grunge goers, flannel lovers, hipsters, tech business owners, tourists, and millennial bloggers seem to all be at home here. The space is expansive, with lots of natural light and wood tables that welcome me to stay a little longer.

I head back to the Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa, feeling content from my full day, but not without stopping for a scrumptious meal at Beach Café, a casual lake view restaurant that specializes in fish, burgers, and one-of-a-kind salads.

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After dinner I walk along the water and take in the magnificent sunset. I am thankful for another beautiful day. Late evening, my stomach begins to rumble. It is time for me to Raid the Pantry. Woodmark Hotel guests can gain access to late-night snacks from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. To satisfy those late-night munchies, the Woodmark’s pantry is available for major indulgences! Guests can grab items on their way in from a late night out or come down from their room in their pajamas. Grab-and-go options like cookies, crackers, chips, and candy make this amenity too sweet to ignore. I enjoy a bag of Popchips and a bowl of butternut squash soup. I stop by the front desk to learn more about the Pillow Talk Menu.

From a lakeside powernap to a deep, night slumber, restful sleep is a priority for guests. The Woodmark’s Pillow Talk program ensures all guests wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

We can choose from a variety of specialty pillows to meet all needs, from allergy-free memory foam to buckwheat. I choose lavender. Lavender is considered an essential element of herbal medicine; it has releasing qualities that aid in deep sleep. I close my eyes as I slip away into dreamland, but not before counting my blessings and feeling appreciated and cared for. My stay at the Woodmark has been a non-stop celebration of life.

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