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Looking for a new spa to visit on your next trip to New York City? We found our new must-visit wellness destination smack dab on the Upper East Side. Reviewed by Vanity Fair as “a place to write home about,” Cornelia Spa is an intimate pied-a-terre style luxury Manhattan spa within The Surrey.

Its soft, gentle atmosphere makes it an intimate oasis away from the urban sprawl of the hustling streets of NYC.

38586_low Cornelia Spa is the first spa on the East Coast to introduce the Somadome, the world’s most high-tech meditation modality experience available. Ideal for busy professionals and jet-lagged travelers, Somadome is a cocoon-shaped pod that users slip into for a 20-minute stress reduction session.

As the body is a temple and soothing oneself is nearly spiritual, take advantage of the opportunity to experience bliss.

Unlike other spas, each guest is welcomed into a private suite, with specialists who personalize each treatment based on your unique needs. At the time of booking I told them I wanted to experience the best they had in wellness detoxification.

48626_lowI am preparing for The Purist: A Dual Detoxification Treatment.

This promises to firm, slim, and detoxify my entire body. We start with a detoxification ritual designed to maximize my physical and mental health.

My therapist starts with a luxurious cleansing to prepare my body to fully absorb all of the natural ingredients of the detoxifying wrap. We then do an exfoliation with French sea salts and honey. Honey has proved to rejuvenate and refresh the skin; it acts as an aid in the detoxification therapy. This exfoliation is followed by an application of soothing seaweed concentrates.


Phase two begins and I am invited to step into a lavish soak of warm waters infused with an antioxidant salt blend while sipping our detoxifying tea and nibbling on candied ginger. I stretch back and rest in the infinity tub for 20 minutes. My skin is soft, supple, and healed. I step out of the tub and return to the table for a finishing process. My skin is welcomed with a warm lemon and mint nutrient-rich finishing crème that revives the skin’s tone and elasticity.

The entire treatment takes two hours.

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By Shannon Kaiser





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