Good Mood Foods: Eat These 3 Foods To Fight Off The Funk



Ok so who hasn’t bee-lined it to the sweets section or greasy burger joint to fight off ‘a mood’?

Salvation foods? We think not! These foods can make you fatigued and raise your blood sugar so you quickly crash afterwards. Along with the crash, you are likely to face indigestion, bloating, nausea, poor cognitive function, and almost always hungry for more. And this is only talking the short-term pitfalls!

Instead of habit-forming prescription meds and glutinous foods. good mood foods have potent powers to fight off a funk, without causing havoc on your body. Try these foods to help with anxiety, depression and regular old funk.

Mood: Anxious

Mood Mending Food – 5 ounces of lean protein like sliced organic chicken breast.
How? Protein helps your brain produce dopamine, norepinephrine, and other neurochemicals that keep you calmly alert. When you are calm, you are less likely to experience anxiety.

Mood: Depressed

Mood Mending Food – Line-caught fish – raw or cooked.
How? Studies have shown that regularly consuming low-mercury fish can help minimize balance mood swings, reducing the likelihood of feeling depressed. Sugars, on the other hand, have the opposite effect, eliciting and increase in depression. Next time you are feeling particularly low, pass on the cookies and ice cream and indulge in a big serving of sashimi instead.

Mood: Unhappy

Mood Mending Food – Organic Dark Chocolate!
How? Popular belief turns out to be true! Chocolate boosts your mood. Anadamine, a naturally occurring chemical in chocolate, triggers your brain to creating the all around good feeling. Just be sure to stick with the purest chocolate bar you can find (that means it is dark chocolate and contains at least 75% cocoa) to avoid the mood dampening sugars.

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