Three Qualities Every Badass Man is Seeking in a Lover

badass manA relationship with a badass man is always the goal. But it’s easy to get confused about what that constitutes. We love our bad boys but they break our hearts.  We yawn at the idea of a nice guy…boring!  Did you know that there was a third option?  How about a Noble Badass Man?
How do you attract a noble badass, the type of man every woman craves? There are three simple ways to attract and keep these heart-centered studs we all deeply desire.
1. Get out of your head and into your body: Having coached men for over a decade, clients across the board reveal this congruent secret. A conscious man first and foremost craves a confident woman who is at peace in her skin. Translation: NOT an accomplished career woman with big boobs. (They are impressed with our job and they are turned on by our boobs… but that doesn’t awaken their NOBILITY to claim us as the Goddess we are.) They desire a woman who isn’t seeking approval, isn’t condescending to or competitive with other women, who loves herself and her body exactly as it is (and isn’t) and whose heart is healed from her past. She’s available.

2. Opening your heart: Men can feel if our heart is open or closed. You may think they can’t, but even at 20 yards away they can tell. Conscious men are intuitive and purposeful. They can feel if we’ll get angry from a closed heart, or be fiercely loving with an open heart. If you haven’t done your own inner healing work, as soon as you’re triggered, you may emasculate him. This is our work as women to do… so that we awaken their masculine grandeur that wants to ensure our emotional safety and physical security. Yet, when we’re angry they leave their heart too and then it’s a shit show.

3. Embracing your vulnerability: Good men want to win with us. Unconscious men stewing in their shadow masculine want to dominate or control you. I get that you may be hurt from an unkind, emotionally unavailable man… yet, if you are closed, skeptical, closed-hearted and holding onto the past, you aren’t present, vulnerable and open to the moment or available for his love. Be willing to do your inner healing work so that you can be open yet discerning, vulnerable yet aware, soft yet strong. THIS is literally irresistible for a noble badass for it inherently calls forth his GREATEST self, which he yearns to be. Vulnerability makes him want to fight FOR you, die for you, and be devoted to you.

Bottom line is that we’re energy. Light. Our resonance creates our reality. And our thoughts, feelings, and emotions create that resonance. Be willing to do the inner work to create the outer reality you desire. You CAN do this. You CAN attract, keep and be claimed by a heart-centered noble badass man!
—Humungous love, Allana xoxo
By Allana Pratt

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