Skin Problems & Blunders That Can Ruin Your Glow


Skin problems? You get regular facials, use your micro-dermabrasion products appropriately, and have the latest C cream gracing the shelves, but somehow your skin still looks red, ruddy, or wrinkled.

No matter what you’re putting on your face, if you’re feeding your body poorly, your skin will show the wear. If your mother was like mine, she blamed greasy food for teenage breakouts, but if you’re breaking out as an adult and McDonalds isn’t part of your repertoire, you may not know where to turn.

In a study published in 2010 by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, researchers found that an increase in dairy consumption was associated to an increase in acne. So it may not be the grease from your cheeseburger, but the cheese instead.

Curious to see if dairy affects you? Try cutting out everything but yogurt and see if you have any more skin clarity. Why not yogurt? Evidently, yogurt has the least effect on our complexion (and has great benefits for our overall health).

Read On for 3 More Serious Skin Blunders.

Sugar. This isn’t terribly surprising, but the effects may be a bit more shocking. High-glycemic foods, including processed carbohydrates, honey, agave nectar, and raisins, can throw off your insulin levels, which can lead to inflammation both inside the body and out. Inflammation of the skin can show up as puffiness and ruddiness as well as breakouts. TRY: Watch your sugar intake, starting with obvious culprits (added sugars), and then looking to the Glycemic Index to curb your intake.

High Heat. Doctors have suggested that eating foods charred on the grill could lead to an increase in exposure to carcinogens. In addition, it turns out, eating these foods can make your skin look older, duller and more wrinkled. Anything that is fried or cooked at extremely high temperatures may have an effect.

Salt. Too much salt can have a disastrous effect on your body, leading to chronic illness and disease as well as a dull and worn complexion. The worst offenders? Anything pre-packaged, including soup, spaghetti sauce, pizza, and lunch meat.


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