Adventures For Your Soul at Soul Camp


Move over burners, ravers, and party animals—the latest festival trend: wellness meets adventure at Soul Camp.

Wellness festivals are cropping up all over the globe and are a fabulously intoxicating adventure for adults. Music festivals are so popular because they celebrate health and well being. Many music festivals are also adding wellness components to their lineup as we are seeing the need to infuse wellness into most daily life experiences.

Leading the trend are Wanderlust and UK’s Innocent Unplugged. Wanderlust has a roster of festivals spread across a half-dozen countries. Innocent Unplugged only offers pedal bikes and a giant people-powered hamster wheel for power! Aside from music festivals, adult adventure camp is also becoming a great wellness trend.

Soul Camp Adventure Weekends

Another leading power for a popular adult adventure is SoulCamp. Soul Camp is an adult sleep-away camp for your soul. A favorite mind, body and spirit event uniting world class instructors & classes. It’s the brainchild of foward-thinking founders Ali Leipzig and Michelle Goldblum.


The BFF’s were shaped by memories made at Camp Towanda. The two attended this sleep-away camp as children and had forever dreamed of bringing this wonderful camp experience into the adult world. So they took their experiences, infused it with wellness overtones and created Soul Camp. This experience is a great way for adults to get that sleep-away experience they never had.

This new wellness adventure camp is considered a total “mind/body/spirit immersion”. Soul Camp offers yoga, meditation, dance, arts and crafts and essential oil making. Campers can also attend  “SOUL-versations”.  SOUL-versations includes wellness experts, bestselling authors and top leaders in their field. SOUL-versations is considered “TED talks for yogis” by FORTUNE Magazine.

Soul Camp is located in Pennsylvania and Nevada. Soul Camp East is found in Pennsylvania’s Pocono mountains. For the west coasters, Soul Camp West lies in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas.

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