The Perfect Proposal – How to Attract the “One”


How to Attract the One

All you need to do is open a magazine, flip open your laptop or see the headlines on the tabloids; Break ups are hard to do but happening all the time.  There are countless articles, books, workshops and self-help gurus all dishing out advice on how to get over a break up and make yourself feel instant satisfaction after getting over “the one” who was never “right.”

After all, 50 percent of marriages will end in divorce if current trends continue. Your grandma may not approve of divorce but times have- a- changed granny. We are entering into an era of self-actualization. Which means, especially women, are understanding their own self worth. A gigantic shift has occurred on the planet and people are now recognizing the power of being authentic. Sacrifice is no longer the main ingredient for a long lasting relationship. It is about honoring yourself enough to know when it is right and when it is the right time to walk away.

Be true to you and everything else will fall into place. When you are true to you, your relationships will flourish. Abundant love will come to you and you can’t help but to feel more empowered. Whether you are single or in a relationship, these tools can help you attract ‘the one’.

Choose Love Over Fear

When you enter into a relationship with fear and insecurity, you are doing both of you a disservice. You can be on either side of the road, fear or faith, but not both. If you are stuck in fear you must ask yourself why your shadows are overpowering you. If you are in a relationship that does not serve you or your higher self, it might be time to say,  “I love you, but I love myself more,” and I need to go be with me. It takes guts, but we know you have them. When you take the steps to putting yourself first, you will in turn attract the relationship of your dreams.

Choose Love

In every situation we have an opportunity to choose love over fear. In your relationship ask yourself if you are reacting from a place of love or fear. If you feel overwhelmed, angry, stressed or lonely these are often signs that your ego fear-based mind is trying to manipulate the situation. When we let go of expectations and let our partners off the hook, we can choose love in every instant.

Lighten Up – Have Fun and Smile

Some relationships are heavy and dramatic. If you find yourself fighting more then laughing switch it up. Add more humor and fun into your relationship by smiling more. Smiling releases endorphins and adds an instant satisfaction to any moment. Couples that play together tend to stay together.

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