20 Ways To Scientifically Make You Feel Happy NOW


The American culture is in an obsession with happiness, and it can  be linked to most people’s inner drive to succeed and to feel more connected to others.

When people feel happy, they are more confident, they feel purposeful and they are in balance with their true self. However, most people try to get happy, and in this race to the “happy ending” many people fall into a state of despair.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop is a lot of the happiness evolution. So many people are hoping that they have the AHA moment, “I am a happy person now, all of my problems are solved.” But in this start of racing to the next thing we miss the real happiness. The thing we seek is not out there but rather her, now, in this moment.



If you find yourself racing from one dream to the next hoping it will be your big-bang happy moment, think again. These tips can help. You can be happier today by switching up your routine. Here are 20 ways to scientifically make you feel more happy in the moment.

1. Smile at a stranger.

2. Try a new restaurant.

3. Do Yoga.

4. Higher a life coach.

5. Take a vacation.

6. Read a new book.

7. Attend a lecture on a topic you dig.

8. Adopt a furry friend.

9. Paint.

10. Write a story.

11. Go for a nature walk.

12. Open a door for a stranger.

13. Stop complaining.

14. Go somewhere you have never been.

15. Dream bigger.

16. Spend money on a friend.

17. Take a power nap.

18. Tell your boss you are happy to work with them.

19. Go to your favorite spa.

20. Smile.

Research shows that when you smile you are happier and when you feel confident about your smile you will smile more, says Dr. Andrew Thompson, a dentist in Portland, OR.

 Shannon Kaiser is the author of Find Your Happy, and a go to guide for finding inner peace and lasting happiness. 

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