Dare To Be Trendy: 10 Beauty + Wellness Trends Taking 2017 By Storm


Wellness Trends

The 17th year of the 3rd millennium has just begun and there are global wellness trends that are bound to be the mantra for the next 365 days. The 21st century undoubtably has placed a major focus to man within nature, and the way he can reconcile to the ill-doing that has been carried out towards our planet ever since the industrial revolution. Veganism, spirtuality, mindful living have become the main themes in all fields of the wellness lifestyle from ethical fashion and eco-architecture to multisensory retreats and dream meditation. Let’s take a peek at what 2017’s beauty & wellness trends look like:


Trend One: VR/AR Evolve To Dream Meditation


In the past few years, more people than ever have turned to yoga and meditation as a means of improving their lives and coping with anxiety. Multisensory wellness centers have embraced the idea that our mind and bodies work in synch, through a synesthetic ideasthesia. The advent of Augmented and Virtual Reality have brought this to the next level in 2016, and during this new year, these experiences will be included in wellness treatments. One treatment in particular: Dream Mediation. A company in Beverley Hills called Dream Reality Cinema, is teaching individuals the key method for manifesting one’s dreams in waking life. This typology of lucid dream, is meant to unlock information stored in the subconscious to help normalize sleep and stress disorders, stimulate creativity, improve energy, imagination, and memory, rejuvenating the body and mind.


Trend Two: Silence Is Making A Lot of Noise


Silence is gold. This is not new, but we sometimes tend to forget about it. For this reason the Huffington Post reminds us about the benefits that come from shutting out that useless chit chatter from our lives. Silence replenishes our mind, we may quietly regenerate our brain cells as we relieve stress and tension. No wonder in recent years Silent Spas and Monasteries have become increasingly popular. The silent contemplative state can provide nothing but wellness. In an ear-popping distracting world, where even in non urban areas a smartphone can interrupt quiet peace, shutting the noise out is a true luxury. This is why silence retreats are such a successful trend of this new year. Former abbeys and nunneries are being transformed into silent retreats, as well as spaces like crypts, caves, former bank vaults, are being made accessible to visitors who want to take a break from the boisterous world and explore their soul in the tranquility of hush-hush. Also be on the look out for more sensory deprivation floatation experiences, touted for inducing a deep state of relaxation. We experienced a float at Still Point Wellness in Asheville, NC; pumped full of epsom salt, it pulls tension out of tired, aching, over-worked muscles.


Trend Three: Return of Minimalism


We are seeing minimalism on a serious incline, particularly among the millennials. ‘As our world continues to grow in complexity, there is far greater personal demand for many of the benefits that minimalism offers. Minimalism offers a life with less stress, less distraction, more freedom, and more time. All things that people today are desperately searching for more than ever,” says Joshua Becker of BecomingMinimalist.com. Minimalism originated, but some would say it began with Buddhism centuries ago, with the core philosophies of letting go of attachment, reducing suffering and increasing happiness. We are seeing minimalism ‘materialize’ (or de-materialize) in full force in our current lifestyle via: diet, fashion, beauty, aesthetics, environment, finance, travel and technology.  Look around, you should begin to be seeing a lot less!

Trend Four: Sauna Becomes A Social Gathering


The history of the sudatory (makes you sweat!) room goes all the way back to Central America where sweat lodges, made out of clay or stone, were used by indigenous people. The Finnish were the ones to spread the sauna culture all over the Old Continent, until the Turkish and thermal baths also became a popular trend. Today, saunas, particularly far-infrared saunas, are standard amenities at hotels, spas and gyms worldwide for their cleansing, detox effects. However the conventional sauna can be a rather boring experience, sitting in a room with strangers whilst uncomfortably overheating. For this very reason, Europeans are reinventing this experience and transforming it into an actual event called Sauna Aufguss. Amidst the action there are “sauna-masters” administering dozens of targeted aromatherapy infusions throughout choreographed dance routines. This concept of Sauna-theater is becoming the hottest (pun intended!) trend among the younger generations who merrily gather in the sauna amphitheaters, where 50 to 300 people sweat communally. Architects are having the time of their lives reimagining the spaces, combining them with bars and talk areas for art and culture. In the future this is bound to be the new wellbeing hangout to entertain yourself in a stylish and wholesome manner.


Trend Five: Athleisure Is The New Black


Athleisure has officially made it’s way to mainstream in the workplace. But what, exactly, is athleisure? It could almost be classified as any kind of athletic wear that is just as chic and stylish as the rest of what’s in your closet. It’s comfortable, fashionable, and efficient. Boom.The idea that workout and athletic outfits are becoming popular during professional, casual or social occasions is gaining serious momentum. Yoga pants and leggings are comfortable and enhance the silhouette in a distinguished way when paired with the proper accessories and clothes. The pioneer of athleisure, in our world, would be Lululemon, who’s mission is to create styles that create transformational experiences for people to live happy, healthy, fun lives. New lifestyle brands like Aday, Betabrand, Kit and Ace no longer dress you only for the gym but also for the office. Collections are becoming more elegant without losing the comfort and practicality. According to Vogue, the Five Rules to have Athleisure become Workleisure are as follows: 1.keep up with seasonal trends, 2.mix function and fashion pieces, 3.accessorize properly, 4.dress for the occasion  5.when in doubt stick to neutral designs.


Trend Six: Cannabis-Enhanced Beauty And Wellness


The increasing legalization of cannabis in the US, and worldwide, has allowed several brands to use it not only for medically prescribed drugs but also for beauty and lifestyle brands as well.  Say Vogue Magazine, “Cannabis is turning up in a host of new skin balms, lotions, oils, and bath salts, promising body benefits ranging from pain relief to better orgasms.” The healing proprieties of this plant are used by legal products that avoid the psychoactive extracts, so if you were planning to get high with cosmetics you will be disappointed. However you will definitely be delighted to see how brands such as Cannabis Beauty Defined and Kannactiv Skin Care System, combine the benefits of hemp oil with a proprietary East Asian Bi-Bong formula to bring nourishing beauty to your skin. Since cannabis is not a conventional medication, It does not fit neatly into the “take-one-pill-twice-a-day” model that we are used to.  Companies such as Mary Medicinals, which manufactures patches, gels, compounds and even high bioavailability capsules, have proven to be ‘HIGH’ly effective in treating common and rampant skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis, As marijuana is becoming less of a taboo and more of a legitimate healing plant, it is being used in other fields such as cooking, winemaking, and even fitness. According to Cindy Capobianco (the founder of Lord Jones, that manufactures and distributes the world’s finest cannabis infused products), cannabis is quickly becoming part of people’s overall wellness routines.


Trend Seven: Living Buildings Benefit Living Beings


 Eco-Architecture has been one of the greatest concerns of our century, as such so have sustainable solutions to confront climate change. 2017 is taking this a step further with new standards and technologies, building for human health. This kind of wellness architecture will be one of the most impactful future trends, as strategies will be employed to create “living buildings.” These spaces will deploy plants that excel at removing deadly air toxins to the highest-tech, through walls made of algae biofuel cells that grow their own energy or new phone apps that alert you when you’re entering a “sick” building. Humans will benefit from the reengineering of the environment they live in, from air quality to acoustics. Winston Churchill once said, “We shape our buildings, and afterwards, they shape us”. Wellness architecture is fully embodying this creed and is bound to become a rising phenomenon, that expands from homes to workplaces, schools, hospitals and hotels.


Trend Eight: Democratization Of Wellness

Wellness should be democratic. It should transcend class and not be associated just with wealthy elites, that can afford to go to extravagant destination spas to recharge their body and psyche. Resorts are known to be a beneficial path to creativity, as medical evidence attests that de-stressing invigorates artistic minds. But this welfare should not be accessible only to the likes of  Leonardo DiCaprio, who escapes on sojourns to the French Polynesian paradise luxury resort, the Brando, when he needs a break in-between sets. Human justice is acknowledging the need to make these comforts accessible also to fledgeling artists or ordinary people who simply need to practice self-care themselves after an intense work period. This democratization process of wellness treatments and tourism development is intensifying in 2017 and will make a fairer and healthier world for all.


Trend Nine: Embrace The Bright Side Of Technology



“Don’t Look Down, Look Up!” This phrase has been ringing in our heads to urge us to admire the environment we live in and connect with the people who surround us, instead of burying our heads down in our smartphones and tablets. However, these devices are not that detrimental if used wisely. For instance, the boost of meditation apps (from Headspace to Buddhify) have made mental wellness accessible to all. They can help you analyze stress by monitoring breathing patterns, and figuring causes stress during your daily routine. Along with wellness tourism, the world is now fully acknowledging the need to include a pursuit of mental harmony into our busy metropolitan lives and has found a “smart” way of channeling it through technology.


Trend Ten: Authentic Beauty As The Core of Well-Being

24842398 - female yoga figure in a transparent sphere, composed of four natural elements water, fire, earth, air as a concept for controlling emotions and power over nature

Beauty is an excellent cure for a troubled soul, whether it is listening to Mozart’s Requiem, looking at Caravaggio’s Calling of St. Matthew or reading Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations. When it comes down to our aspiration of becoming beautiful, cosmetics and foods seem to have become the primary concentration for our transformation. Currently authentic beauty is what the beauty industry is aiming for, for example, through organic or natural topical skincare products that are ethically sourced. Likewise the revolution is occurring in our diets with the crescent number of vegetarians and vegans who opt for healthy eating habits. In addition to physical beautification, this growing trend regards the healing of the soul via transformative travel, mediation and yoga that give way to nurturing from the inside out. The connection between mind and body exemplifies the idea of placing the essence of beauty at the core of our wellbeing, through all of its different nomenclatures, and incorporating the earthly four elements into our core that make up our essence. .

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