6 Ways Processed Foods Are Killing You


Ways Processed Foods Are Killing You

Processed foods can hurt your health in more ways than you may think. Factory foods will deplete your body’s defenses and sacrifice you brain power and mind. Here are the top reasons processed foods can hurt your health.

1. Processed foods Cost A lot To Make 

Many people say organic fresh foods are expensive. But consider shopping at the farmers market or buying fresh food locally, you will save money. Processed foods require a lot of packaging which can hurt the environment.

2. Modified Foods Can Damage Your Internal Organs

Modified foods that are packaged or canned can contain hurt your entire body. These can contribute to rapid aging, diseases like kidney failure, and weak bone structure and teeth. People who eat alot of modified foods are unhealthy and it shows in their smile.

3. Processed foods are WICKED addictive

Processed foods will often overstimulate the production of dopamine, in your body, which leads to over consumption and extra cravings.

Your mind is tricked into thinking it is hungry. It can not resist the sugar and salt, most people continue to give in to their cravings and  eating “junk” foods in large amounts, which contributes to obesity and other health issues like diabetes and cancer.

4. “Junk” foods causes chronic illness

Let’s get real eating junk food can hurt your health. There are many studies that show how refined sugars, and processed flours, vegetable oils, and all other artificial ingredients are responsible for this epidemic. The next time you’re craving something sweet, think about how eating it will increase your chances of heart disease, dementia, neurological problems, respiratory failure, and cancer and tooth decay.

5. Refined Foods Jam Your System

Processed foods can wreak havoc on your digestive system. Consumption of packaged foods will pollute your internal system and make it hard to digest.

6. Causes Tooth Decay

Eating junk food that is high in sugar and fat can damage your teeth.  The number one cause if cavities and tooth decay is high sugar diets. Avoid foods that have sugar and save your teeth.

Dr. Joy Arend a Portland dentist suggests putting your health first. When you take care of yourself you feel better, and you smile more.


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Written By Shannon Kaiser

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