6 Yoga Poses to Rev Up Your Body Into High Gear


Growing research shows that a regular yoga practice can have a beneficial effect on everything from thyroid disease to diabetes.

In a study published in 2013, researchers found that a regular yoga practice led to a short-term decrease in both glucose and cholesterol levels so overtime, this ancient practice could have huge health payoffs.

6 yoga poses


When you’re looking to rev up your body’s systems, including your metabolism, you’ll want to turn to poses that would help increase digestion, absorption and elimination in your body. Be sure to talk to a yoga teacher in your area before getting started, especially if you already have a health condition as some conditions require modifications. For instance, individuals with diabetes may need to modify any pose that requires crossing of the legs or feet, as the blood can be restricted in these postures.

Curious? Try these 6 Yoga Poses at home.

1.) Downward Facing Dog: Downward Dog helps calm the mind, improves digestion and alleviates high blood pressure.

downward dog



2.) Triangle: Triangle helps stimulate the abdominal organs and assists in digestion.

triangle pose



3.) Seated Forward Fold: This pose helps strengthen the pelvic floor and increases blood flow to the organs. It also helps relieve anxiety.

seated forward bend YOGA



4.) Half Lord of the Fishes: Twists are detoxifying and help massage the internal organs. Half Lord of the Fishes improves circulation, which could improve glucose sensitivity.

lord of the fishes half

5.) Fish Pose: Beneficial for the organs and lymph in the front body and in the neck, this pose also helps calm your mind and your heart rate.



6.) Corpse Pose: This final pose of your yoga practice helps increase elimination and assists your body in detoxification. It also quiets the mind and allows for a greater sense of well-being.

woman relaxes in yoga asana savasana

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