Secret Superfoods: 5 Seeds You Need To Sneak In Wherever Possible


By now, you’re well versed in the top superfoods: broccoli, kale, blueberries, salmon.. But did you know you might be missing out on an entire superfood category? Seeds!

Seeds are a major part of most vegan diets, but should play a key role in any healthy diet. Rich in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals as well as phytosterols (which help lower cholesterol), seeds are the essential snack you’re missing in your daily diet.

Since Halloween just passed, and gourds are available at any supermarket, we’re going to start with pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are rich in protein, iron, zinc, and magnesium, a mineral that is essential for maintaining blood pressure, and helping to reduce stress. It may also be helpful for sleep issues.

The easiest way to eat pumpkin seeds is straight from the pumpkin. We like OhSheGlows for her pumpkin seed recipe: Scoop the flesh and seeds out of the pumpkin. Rinse thoroughly Boil pumpkin seeds in salted water for 10 minutes and drain. Pat dry. Lightly season with oil and Herbovare (or salt). Roast for 30 minutes. Enjoy!

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Ready to find out what other seeds you’re missing? Read on!

  1. Sunflower seeds: This American staple is rich in vitamin E, which helps protect your cells from oxidative stress. Sunflower seed butter is a great replacement for peanut butter, especially if you have children at schools where allergies are a concern.
  2. Chia Seeds: Chia seeds provide a great source of fiber as well as calcium. We like adding chia seeds to smoothies as they help thicken the drink. Just be sure to drink it quickly, otherwise the smoothie starts to turn gelatinous.
  3. Hemp seeds: Hemp seeds are a great staple to add to baked goods like muffins, granola and other cereals. Rich in healthy fatty acids, hemp seeds help ward off heart disease.
  4. Sesame seeds: Delicious added to stir-fry and curry, sesame seeds are rich such key minerals as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. You can easily add sesame seeds to hummus, or lightly toast the seeds and add as a condiment to your favorite ethnic dishes.

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