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Fit Bit BlazeFitness trackers aren’t a new phenomenon. But the technology behind fitness trackers has significantly changed from the original—where you could track your steps somewhat accurately, and that’s all.

This year, for the fitness buff or the family member or spouse that wants to get in shape, we’re eyeing the Fit Bit Blaze. In addition to keeping heart rate and assessing steps, this monitor allows you to track movement based on your activity—from running on a treadmill to running outside, to biking, walking and more. You can use the GPS to map your routes and to see your running/walking stats like pace, distance and time. On screen workouts offer motivation, as does the hourly notes to get up and move. But even more than the motivation to move, this exercise watch also encourages—and offers the user—ways to relax with the new Guided Breathing Sessions.

Fit Bit Blaze

Powered by PurePulse (the heart rate monitor component), each Relax session uses your real-time heart rate to set a comfortable breathing rate for you. You can choose between two and five-minute sessions that use vibration and animation to help you stay connected with your inhale and exhale, essentially guiding you like a yoga teacher would, through a breathing practice. We tested one of the two minute sessions ourselves, and after two minutes our heart rate had decreased to a much more zen level.

Deep breathing helps lower blood pressure, reduce stress and decrease anxiety. It is as important as getting your heart rate up and moving. Health is about so much more than just movement or diet. Its about a whole-body approach, and we feel the Fit Bit Blaze (and the new Ionic) watch help users achieve and feel motivated about addressing their health from all angles. P.S. With the strap options,  the Fit Bit Blaze now looks stylish, too!  ($199.95).

Melissa, Editorial Director

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