7 Natural Remedies From Tea – Without Taking A Single Sip


Tea has numerous health benefits, whether green, black or white. Its anti-inflammatory, a natural stress reducer, helps ward off illness and disease, and overall makes us feel good.

That’s why a tea ceremony lasts for such a long time—there is much to celebrate! But did you know tea has uses beyond the mug? From helping with beauty woes to detoxifying your home, medicinal tea is the way to remedy many an ailment …

Here are our 7 favorite, non-drinkable ways to enjoy your tea
  1. The classic eye depuffer. Using tea bags over puffy eyes can help reduce puffiness and swelling due to the tannic acid present in all types of tea.
  2. Stinky feet? Soak in tea-infused water or wrap your feet directly in the tea bags. Both methods help diminish the stank, and can also help treat various foot fungus, including Athlete’s Foot and funguses related to the nail bed itself.
  3. Cold sores. As tea leaves are anti-viral, the antioxidants, as well as the polyphenol, and caffeine in the tea can help attack the herpes virus.
  4. For your plants. Much like plants like coffee grounds, plants also like tea leaves as they are rich in nitrogen. You can pour old tea over the plants, or take the tea bags and compost them for a rich fertilizer.
  5. Deodorize your home. Sprinkle dry tea leaves, like lemon or bergamot over your carpet. Let it sit for up to an hour and then vacuum; your house will smell delicious!
  6. Get tender. Tenderize your meat by marinating the meat in strong-brewed black tea for several hours, and up to overnight.
  7. Add some color. Rinse your hair with a strong brewed tea and use it to enhance your natural hair color!

5 key steps to ensure a perfect tea time.

Sure, you’ve heard the news: green tea’s good for you. From heart health, cutting cancer risk, to bumping up your metabolism, and new research showing it may help protect brain cells from damaging compounds related to Alzheimer’s, the research is really stacking up. The second most consumed beverage in the world, tea time has earned its reputation for hydrating and promoting good health, not to mention being a wonderful ‘excuse’ for a little stress-break during your day.

But do you know how to brew a perfect cup of tea?  Here is your 5-Step Ritual, served up to a Tea!

Melissa, Editorial Director

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