Multi-tasking Beauty: 5 Makeup Products that Double As Skincare

Whether it’s a non-toxic cleaning product or my favorite natural lip balm, I am all about multipurpose.
It’s really no question, then, that I’d be a lover of natural makeup products that double as skincare. After all, who doesn’t want more bang for their buck? Multi-tasking beauty products save so much time and those imbued with natural skincare ingredients have the power to improve the health of your skin while you wear them.
I’ve been pretty obsessed with the concept for years, but it’s only recently I’ve found products that actually fit the bill.  If acne, discoloration, hydration, and aging are a concern for you, you’ll want to switch your makeup bag to include these amazing products right away.

Multi-tasking beauty products save so much time and those imbued with natural skincare ingredients have the power to improve the health of your skin while you wear them as makeup.

5 makeup products that double as skincare
Gressa Serum Foundation 
This is the foundation to end all foundations. It’s your skin, but way, way better. If you want a foundation that has just enough coverage and a finish that feels like an instagram filter for your skin, this is it! 
 Aside from it’s beautiful finish, this foundation goes on feeling more like a face serum than a foundation. All you need are a 6-10 drops, depending on the level of coverage you desire. You can apply them with your fingers, pressing into your skin (gently) and then bounce over everything with a beauty blender sponge to smooth and blend everything out. The formula for this incredible product is 100% organic and includes potent plant oils like broccoli seed oil, horsetail, silica, elderflower, barberry, and Gressa’s healing botanical complex. The blend of plant ingredients helps heal and repair everything from acne to fine lines, discoloration, and any other imbalances in the skin. Using this regularly, you can expect better clarity, glow, and balance over time.
5 makeup products that double as skincare
Nudus Natural Lipsticks
Nudus lipsticks are unique for a number of reasons, but the main one is that their color pigments are created using plant powders from herbs and flowers which put them on an entirely other level.
In spite of using alternative powders to create their lip colors, they are still incredibly pigmented and long lasting. Nudus also include organic plant oils and balms in their lipsticks so they feel incredibly hydrating and softening while you wear them. Things to expect with prolonged use? Softer, healthier, more touchable lips.
5 makeup products that double as skincare
RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer
 The RMS Burit Bronzer is a gorgeous golden bronzing cream that’s universally flattering.
For someone like me who’s quite fair-skinned, it can also double as a contouring cream. RMS Beauty is known for creating simple, organic formulas for their cosmetics, but this bronzer is a bit more unique because it includes organic buriti oil. Buriti oil is highly beneficial for the skin as it encourages collagen production, hydrates the skin, and protects the skin from free radicals. It’s also very rich in beta-carotene which can help protect the skin from sun damage by filtering UV rays. So, whenever you pop this gorgeous bronzer on over your sunscreen at the beach, you can take comfort knowing it’s actually helping your skin stay youthful, healthy, and protected from UV damage and premature aging.
5 makeup products that double as skincare
Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Primer and Brightener
 Jane Iredale is literally known as “skincare makeup” so it’s no surprise they make incredible cosmetics with skincare ingredients.
Their Smooth Affair Primer and Brightener holds a special place in my heart for it’s ability to prep the skin for makeup while giving it a nice dose of hydration and antioxidant protection. The formula includes grapefruit, orange and radish extracts which are brilliant for brightening, toning and protecting the skin from free radical damage. Also included in this primer are various plant oils for hydration, white and green tea extracts which help reduce puffiness and protect against UV damage, and chlorella and apple fruit extract which increase overall radiance.
5 makeup products that double as skincare
Tata Harper Lip and Cheek Tints
 Tata Harper products are all formulated with ingredients grown on their very own farm in Vermont.
Their Lip and Cheek Tints are formulated in a base of nourishing plant oils which hydrate and protect your skin while green tea seed oil protects from UV rays and reduces puffiness in the skin. Lavender extract soothes and calms any redness or irritation while acai and sacha inchi oils provide a potent dose of antioxidant power. Sacha inchi is also known for toning the skin and healing breakouts.
The takeaway here is that beauty products are expensive as it is, even the toxic conventional ones, but organic cosmetics can provide both a safer alternative and many skincare benefits that will help your skin feel and look healthier and more radiant from the inside out. While conventional makeup products can actually cause premature aging while you wear them thanks to the inclusion of chemical ingredients like parabens, natural makeup products are formulated with ingredients to help you achieve your best skin possible.

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