Feeling a Lack of Motivation? 9 Ways to Yank the Laziness Cord.


Don’t get me wrong, there are days when laziness is called for. When you’ve had a string of rushed days, or when you’ve been feeling particularly pushed in all the wrong directions. However, when the exhaustion turns into apathy and you find yourself unmotivated, sometimes you need a new “something” to get you up and moving.

Here are 9 ways to kick laziness in the butt…

1.) Start your Day Right: Getting up with the birds for a sweat session has its benefits. Exercising in the morning is known to help energize you for the rest of the day. Harness your vivacious attitude with an a.m. workout.

2.) Get a Hobby: Feelings of laziness are often intertwined with being bored. If you don’t have a goal that pulls you out of bed it is easy to get comfortable watching Stranger Things marathons on Netflix. Start doing something you have always wanted to do so that sluggishness doesn’t cause you to sell yourself short.

3.) Use a Timer: Want to ensure you don’t spend too long in sloth mode? Set a timer! The moment the timer goes off is a signal that procrastinating on your tasks is over. If you feel like you are yawning too much to get anything done you can also use the timer to ensure your chores are completed in an efficient timeframe. Sometimes a little pressure from the clock is the spark you need!

4.) Take a Shower: And make it a cold one! Nothing will get you more pumped up then being shocked into motion. Once you take a cold shower it will be nearly impossible to sit back and relax.

5.) Tell Someone: If you can’t hold yourself accountable someone else will. It’s a mind game, but the act of telling someone what you plan to do will make it difficult to flake out. With an enquiring mind checking in on you, your lazy lull will be diminished.

6.) Get Competitive: When money or something that is equally precious is on the line you might gain the motivation you need to zip-a-dee-doo-dah all day long. A friendly slap in the face never hurt anyone, right?

7.) Stimulate with Inspirational Words: Pinterest and the like have made it easy for us to find pictographs that deserve an entire board to themselves. And, for good reason. Reading someone’s commitment to their dreams and goals is enough to jolt you out of your sluggish funk. Find a story or quote that pulls at your heart strings and visualize yourself accomplishing it!

8.) Make it Immediate: The “do it now” approach will keep you from tacking another thing on your to-do list. Rather than delaying the inevitable even further, do the task at hand immediately. Think of it as being sporadic but in the most productive way.

9.) Make a List of Consequences: What will happen if you don’t do what you said you would? Sometimes thinking of the negative consequences of not doing something can be beneficial in helping you move forward and get on the productive track again. And if it’s a fear of failure, holding you back, learning how to move beyond failure can be a vital skill to learn.

There is no doubt that a break is sometimes well-deserved but be careful that it doesn’t lead to a string of excuses and a bout of laziness. Have an exceptionally productive, lazy-free day!

By Talia Tugman

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