10 Fun & Funky Daily Water Tips To Keep You Satiated


drink more water

Deciding to drink more water is the number one resolution health experts want us to make in 2018. And it has forever been thus.

While this isn’t exactly new advice, many of us still fall short every single day. So we’re here to keep you motivated and inspired. This is your year of hydration and these habits can become life-long! Here are 10daily water tips to help you drink more water on the reg.

1. Flavor It.

This might be one of the easiest adaptions you can make. Simply slice fruit, like grapefruit, strawberries or lemon, or veggies like cucumber, ginger or celery into a large pitcher of water and refrigerate. You’ll stay hydrated but not bored. Looking for some spa-inspired waters? Check out these fruit-filled combinations!

drink more water

2. Pee, then drink.

Experts suggest establishing a habit with your water intake by associating it with a regularly occurring activity—like using the restroom. Each time you return from going to the bathroom, fill a cup of water and drink it down!


daily water tips3. Drink one cup of water before every meal.

You don’t need to guzzle water during your meal as it actually can stifle your digestion. Drink more water before your meals so you’re reminded to stay hydrated. This can also help you lose weight by filling you up before the real meal comes.


daily water tips4. Get techy.

Try one of these free apps, including Daily Water, which helps remind you how much to drink and when you should be drinking.

drink more water

5. Or, get really techy.

The Hidrate Spark water bottle is a smart water bottle that helps you monitor your daily water intake by reminding you to drink via the hydration app as well as actually glowing to remind you to pick it up and chug. Not a cheap option, but if it keeps you hydrated, it’s a good one. Plus, it can help you find your bottle if you’ve misplaced it.


daily water tips6. Set a goal—visually.

If your goal is to drink at least a gallon of water each day (that’s 64 ounces), fill a gallon up and see how you do. Often just seeing how far you’ve come, or how far you’re off, can give you inspiration to keep drinking.

daily water tips

7. Turn to your diet.

Another way to get more water into your day is by eating water-rich foods. Some of these include cucumber (96 percent water), zucchini (95 percent water) and grapefruit (91 percent water).

daily water tips

8. follow the One to One rule.

It’s a simple rule and one that will keep your head clear. If you’re drinking alcohol, swap out every other drink with a glass of water. Not only will it help to keep you hydrated but it will also help you ward off a nasty hangover.

drink more water

9. Use a pen.

Grab your Nalgene and mark off hours/ounces you want to consume for each part of the day. If your goal is to drink three ounces every hour, mark it at 3 oz. intervals. There are also ready-made bottles for this sort of inspiration.

daily water tips

10. Start First Thing.

Before you do anything in the morning, drink a full glass of water (you can even put it in your coffee mug!). This will help prevent you from turning to coffee (and forgetting the water altogether), and will encourage hydration throughout the day.

drink more water

Melissa, Editorial Director

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