The Power Of A Real Friend Bond



But the key, especially as we grow older, is finding and nourishing the friendships that are genuine. Its not to say that we should toss out any friendships that seem superficial, but instead to recognize the ones that are mostly small talk and give them the time they are due, and devote our REAL time to the ones that nourish our souls.

So lets take the time to nourish our friends we love the most.

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  1. They love you and want you to love yourself too. Self-acceptance is key in a real friendship. You want to feel heard for who you are, not who you think you should be. And real friends call you out when you’re being self-deprecating. KEEP IT GOING: Remember we all feel better when we have a boost in our self-esteem. Remind your friends that they are rock stars in your world!
  2. They are present. Communication is meant to be heard, received and processed not overlooked. In a real friendship, each person feels heard. KEEP IT GOING: Take time to nourish your friendships in a space that will allow for true conversation. Maybe a coffee shop or your couch vs. a movie.
  3. They make time. It takes time and effort, just like it does in any relationship. If both parties are willing to give time, the end result will be that everyone feels they are a priority. KEEP IT GOING: If you live across country or just across town, set up a time to dedicate to your friendship whether over the phone or in person. And if you live out of town, figure out a way to see each other as often as possible.
  4. They challenge us. One of the things I love about my best friend is that she never says something isn’t possible. She always encourages me to be zany, to try something and to be willing to fail. I love feeling like I have this huge safety net to stumble into if the worst happens, but also know that most often the worst is just in my head. KEEP IT GOING: Encourage your friends to try new things, to be better and to push past their limits.. and try to do the same for yourself!

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